NC3- Nursing Care

What is NC-3?

In support of Illinois’ Staffing by Patient Acuity Law, IONL has created the following platform. The Nursing Care Committee Consortium (NC-3) is an attempt to bring some collaboration, education, and sharing for our state mandated Nursing Care Committees. The purpose is to promote the quality of care and improve the delivery of healthcare services through a lively exchange of ideas among nursing care committees throughout the State of Illinois. You do not have to be an IONL member to participate; all hospitals are welcome!

This is about us sharing our best practices, our struggles, and our needs as Illinois nurses and meeting the intent of our state law.

Jennifer Moore, BSN, RN
Chair, NC-3

Who Currently Participates on NC-3?

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Want to Join NC-3?

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2017 NC-3 Webinar Schedule

Each NC-3 Webinar is worth 1 CE credit.

Nov 27
1:00pm CST
The Surplus Project

Speaker: Jennifer M. Grenier, MSN, RN-BC

Dec 11
1:00pm CST
Nurse Staffing by Acuity Law: Overview & The Staff Nurse Perspective

Speakers: Therese A. Fitzpatrick, PhD, RN, FAAN and Jennifer Moore, BSN, RN, NC-3 Chair 


Past Webinars

If you wish to see a recorded webinar, click on the link below.

10/23/17 - Changing Our Leadership Model to Improve Outcomes

7/24/17 - The Rapidly Shifting Paradigm: The Emergence of Ambulatory Care Nursing in the Transformative Healthcare Landscape

6/27/17 - Do Bullying and Incivility Affect Your Staffing?

3/27/17 - Developing Workforce Planning Committees: Insights from Nurse Leaders

2/27/17 - A Changed Paradigm: Traditional Nurse Leader Rounding Versus Purposeful Daily Leadership Rounding

1/23/17 - Implementing the Clinical Nurse Leader Role: Interventions to Ease Care Transitions, Reduce Readmissions, and Improve Satisfaction

11/21/16 - Does it Pay to Hardwire Sitters into your Staffing Plan? Analyzing and Responding to Demands

10/17/16 - The Rapidly Shifting Paradigm: The Emergence of Ambulatory Care Nursing in the Transformative Healthcare Landscape

9/17/16 - Nurse Staffing by Patient Acuity Law: Overview & the Staff Nurse Perspective

7/28/16 - Acuity vs. Geographical Nursing Assignments: An Analysis of the Impact on Patient Quality Indicators

6/20/16 - Creation of a Nurse Staffing Playbook

3/21/16 - Got Staffing? How Not to Outsource Your Most Valuable Resource

2/22/16 - How One Hospital Developed a Successful Staffing Committee

1/25/16 - Staffing 201

8/24/15 - Nurse Staffing by Patient Acuity Law

6/29/15 - Developing Workforce Planning Committees

3/23/15 - Staffing During a Disaster

2/23/15 - One-Hour, Off-Unit Meal Breaks

1/26/15 - Staffing 101

2/24/14 - Implementing a New Care Delivery Model

4/28/14 - Implementing the Clinical Nurse Leader Role to Improve Outcomes



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